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Adding your work to Online Gallery

The Gallery gives an opportunity for members to show their work and to sell it.

Members wishing to show their work should contact the Website Editors.

You will need photos of your pictures and also details of title, media used, size of the picture and price of any pieces of work you wish to sell.

Photos should be taken carefully :

1. If possible glass should be removed. Otherwise any reflections should be shielded off.

2. Pictures should be taken in good light - daylight on a cloudy day is best.

3. The picture should be taken with the camera exactly above the picture.

4. A fairly good camera should be used.

5. The ideal size for pictures is width 1000 pixels.

Details of the work should be put in a Word, Excel or PDF document with clear headings for Title, Media used, Size and Price (if applicable).

Ideally the pictures and details can be handed to one of the website editors on a memory stick. Otherwise they can be emailed - but attachments on any one email should be limited to 2Mb.

If you have any problems with these instructions please ask.

For Website Editors’ details see Contact Us