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TOTTON   ART   SOCIETY  2017                SUMMER EXHIBITION SATURDAY 19th AUGUST  –  SATURDAY 26th AUGUST 2017 ENTRY RULES  - Includes new information and personal check list so please read carefully

*Entry form AND hanging fees to be returned no later than TUESDAY 1ST AUGUST, 2017

to Mary Maskell,  2 Hamtun Gardens, Testwood, Southampton, S040 3NW   Tel. No. 80860063

Handing in:     FRIDAY 18th AUGUST 2017    9-10 am       -      Palm Room, Totton & Eling

Handing out:    SATURDAY 26th AUGUST 2017  5 – 6 pm                     Community Centre

1.  PRESENTATION  (Please tick rules appropriate to you and use as a check reminder before handing in.)

___All paintings must be labelled on reverse with the artist’s name, title of work, medium and price.     

___Please make sure you have clean mounts and glass.  

___Watercolours should be behind glass, backed. secured and sealed with good adhesive tape to the rear of the               


___All work should be hung with D-RINGS AND TAUT CORD, with knot covered with masking tape, placed  

        ONE THIRD from the top of the painting.                                               

___Central ring supports should only be used on miniatures.  

___Clip frames or damaged frames not accepted.  

___Only deep edge canvases accepted unframed.

___All works to be signed by the artist.

___Unframed works to be mounted, backed with card and covered in cellophane and labelled as above.

___Cards to be in cellophane with envelope, priced and showing name of artist.  

2.  Up to 4 entries plus 4 miniatures may be submitted.   Only 2 entries can be above 30” longest frame measurement.   

     No more than 2 entries to be marked “Not for Sale”.

3.   Pottery, sculptures, woodcarvings, drawings, pastels, oils, watercolours, gouache, acrylic, pencil, and other similar     

     mediums are eligible, and must be stated.                       

4.  The Committee reserve the right, if necessary, to:

select work according to the space available and the suitability of size of works submitted by ensuring that there is a fair representation of all exhibitors.

incur a penalty for paintings entered but not submitted.

reject work inadequately presented.

5.   Only original works of the artist are acceptable. Copies of other artists’ work from demonstrations, magazines,    

      books, internet photos etc. will not be admissible.                                              

6. To provide a progressive exhibition works must not have been previously exhibited in TOTTON at previous Summer Exhibitions and One Day Sales.   

 7.   The Society accepts no responsibility for loss of or damage to exhibits, but every effort will be made to see that all entries are returned in the same condition as received.  Insurance of work against damage is the responsibility of the exhibitor.

8. The positioning of the exhibits within the Exhibition is the sole responsibility of the Hanging Committee and may not be moved by sitters-in or visitors.  Great care and time is taken to display work artistically, fairly, and safely.

9.   Exhibitors will be charged 15% commission on any sales.

10. Display labels to be printed from the information submitted on your entry form.

N.B.  All participating members are expected to do at least one sitting-in period during the exhibition.

 A “Sitting-in Board” will be passed round at forthcoming meetings to enable you to indicate dates you are able to be on duty.  Please make a note of these dates and times.  If unable to attend please make arrangements for another member to take your place.  N.B. One Committee member will sit-in at each session. A TOTAL OF THREE PEOPLE PER SESSION.

SITTING IN PERIODS ARE FROM:        morning:  10.00 am – 1.30 pm       afternoon:    1.30 pm  –  5.00 pm  

                                           N.B.  Thursday 24th August exhibition open until 8.00 pm


*****  Please use CHECK LIST above to assist compliance with the Rules of Entry. *****